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Waife Holland Haglund
U.S. Navy - Korean War
U.S.S. Lexington CV-16

  • Dad, though you are no longer with us,
  • You are still alive in our hearts.
  • A day does not pass by that we don't think of you,
  • and all that you have done for us.
  • And all the years that passed, were empty without you,
  • All the times we missed, we could have had,
  • no matter how good, no matter how bad,
  • It would not have mattered, becuase you would have been there, Dad.
  • But God had other plans for you,
  • Plans that took you away from us,
  • and any times to be had.
  • Your Grandchildren will never have the honor to know you,
  • Though we show them the pictures of you and tell them how
  • wonderful a man and father you were.
  • You would be proud of all three of them, Dad.
  • Your memory still lives in our hearts and in our lives,
  • Though everyday the sun shall rise, and then shall set,
  • The memory of you shall never beset.
  • Rest in peace, Dad.
  • The Haglund Family
    John W. Haglund
    Myrtha L. Haglund
    Anouchka P. Parisius {Granddaughter}

    Michael J. Haglund {Grandson}

    Gabriel G. Haglund {Grandson}
    Narrative written by John Haglund
                   U.S.S. Lexington CV-16

    Sgt Waife Haglund
    Houma Polilce Dept.
    1966 to 1981

    The song playing in the background is LET THERE BE PEACE ON EARTH
    which was my dad's favorite song. I remember when I was a child, I played
    the piano and organ and my dad loved to hear me play Let There Be Peace on Earth
    all the time. I feel it does my dad well to have this song playing on his
    Memorial Site.

    This is the last picture I took with my dad. It is also the last time I seen him alive. I treasure this picture more than any other. This is when he and mom came to California and visit with me for a week.

    You are always in our Hearts Dad and we miss you So...

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    Song is Let There be Peace on Earth